Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wright Hot Stove Report #2

. Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Cleveland Burning Rivers have let it be known that they are willing to wheel and deal.
They have made a majority of their major league roster available for trade.
Not to mention that they are willing to take on bad contracts to gain some prospects for the farm.

The management is said to be hoping to come out of this season with a loaded farm system so they can compete in the near future.
Scaling back the payroll and getting younger is said to be the priority right now.


Wright Hot Stove Report #1


Rumors out of Cincinnati today have the team being very active in trade talks.
Reportedly they are in discussions with as many as 15 teams.
The talk amongst our TWWT sources is that they are after more pitching upgrades.

The spent was very active in Free Agency as they have already spent well over 42 million in signings this off season.
"They're going the Yankee route this season. Sign a bunch of pitchers, spend a lot of money and see what sticks." One source was quoted as saying.

The owner was said to be highly upset about the finish to last season.
He reportedly told his entire brain trust to do whatever it took to make this team a winner.
The team is certainly following through on that demand.
The owner has opened the checkbook and his cross checkers are spending it like it was water.

Stay tuned during the day as we here there may be several deals completed by the team today. Including a potential blockbuster.