Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ownership Opportunies Overview

. Thursday, March 19, 2009

These franchises are waiting for the right owner to claim them.

American League
Former Franchise: Dover Demons
They have set the standard for the North division the past few seasons.
Two seasons removed from a trip to the ALCS. They badly underachieved last season. A team that should have won 100-115 games faltered to only 82. The bright side is that most of the core of the team is 27 or younger. SS Endy Williams(24),2B Tim Campbell(25),3B Juan Castillo(27),
While the pitching staff does have some age on it. Benito Chavez(28) & youngster Alex Gonzalez(22) seeks to infuse some youth into it. This might be the most flexible opening of them all. Wide open division + a young cored team with sprinkles of vets.

Former Franchise: Pawtucket Knights
The best way to describe this franchise is the Texas Rangers of the late 90's and early 00's.
It was a once golden franchise with a rich history of success. Lately however after a severe payroll mishap after a spending spree on hitting in the free agent market. The team has suffered for it. Two seasons after being part of one of the top free agent hauls in Wright world history. Star 2B Alex Renteria(32) finds himself the last man standing. While the team has a very good bullen led by youngster Fernando Wilfredo(23) their rotation is lacking and will need to be addressed.

Former Franchise: Minnesota Walleyes
A downtrodden franchise with a very bright future.
RF Hiram Price(24) vies with monster masher 1B Alex Manto(28) to be the franchise player.
The lack of pitching at the ML level is alarming but with a farm system including potential ace prospect Ricky Watson and RP Todd Dresden. Not to mention to chance to add to it with the #5 overall selection this season. A savy owner could make this a future juggernaut in a wide open division.

Former Franchise: Chicago Crankers
The most confusing franchise in Wright. It has 6 potential 100 RBI performers in CF Nash Lamb(30),DH/C Bruce Crane(24),1B Geraldo Flores(24),C Bubba Nathan(28),RF Pablo Tatis(29) & 1B/DH David Cabeza(32). They also have Ace Lonnie Sewell(32) as well as one of the deepest rotations and bullpens in Wright. But they have no hoisted a WS banner in 9 seasons.
If the problem with playoff futilty can be solved this is a team with a window to dominate for 2-4 seasons.

National League
Former Franchise: Los Angeles Silver Stars
A midway franchise in a manner of speaking. Their not a bunch of 23 year old rookies running around. However they are also not a cluster of 32 yeard old declining former stars. They are a good mixture of both.
At the core you have star OF Geraldo Alvarado(28),CF Donaldo Lucano and the franchise figurehead Ace Miguel Colome(33).
After 9 consecutive seasons of 90 or more wins the franchise finally had an off year last season.
With the right owner to steer the ship right this is a team that could add it's 8th division title this upcoming season.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Padres? The Padres? Really You Say?

. Thursday, March 12, 2009

After a season of surprises that saw everything from Salem storming back to win their division to Durham shocking the AL to make the WS.

The culmination of it all has to be the new World Series Champion.
After a hard fought series with the Burlington Coat Factory. They went on to sweep the #2 seeded Florida Villians to the shock of many. But the true test was a brutal seven game set vs the #1 team in the NL and arguably the best team in Wright world. The Toronto Trail of Tears ended up coming just short of a 3rd straight WS appearance. Once there the Padres sought to make quick work of the cinderella story of Durham. Blowing them out in 2 games of the 4 game sweep.

Congrats to San Diego and their GM mrpolo on their first WS title.

Also congrats to Durham and their GM szavsza23 on a great season.

And with that we here at the Wright World Times wish you all the best. See you all next season.