Friday, May 21, 2010

Wright World Annual Ownership Opportunities - Season 15

. Friday, May 21, 2010

American League
Salt Lake City Jazz
Last Season:90-72 1st Place
Major League Overview: Contender
The Jazz have a solid offensive core to compete & likely win the division.
Their issue(which has been for seasons now) is the lack of pitching depth.
Before they can compete for a championship they will have to beef up the rotation & pen.
Minor League Overview: Woeful
Clint Blanks(76/89),Ellis Drew(59/77),
Outlook: Division Winner

Toronto Toilet Bowls
Last Season: 73-89 2nd
Major League Overview: In Flux
The team is right now stuck between two places.
A potential contender for the division.
A potential rebuild, if that path is chosen.
Pitching is a concern, however the team has some depth there.
The offense really needs a few upgrades to get going.
Minor League Overview: Poor
Bud Broome(54/81),Josias James(63/76),Julio Park(47/73)
Outlook: Middle of the pack.

Chicago Heatseekers
Last Season:63-99 3rd
Major League Overview: Tepid
The main issue with this squad is that they don't have enough pieces.
They don't have enough offensive talent to make up for the lack of pitching.
It will take a owner with patience to set this club on the right path.
Minor League Overview: Solid
Burt Cloud(63/86),Napoleon Rogers(70/79),John Mathis(57/77),Dion Weatherford(54/79),
Outlook: Slight Rebuild

Minnesota McGees
Last Season:59-103 4th
Major League Overview: Tepid
Yet another team without enough good to outweigh the poor in other areas.
You will have a future star in 23 y/o Delina Mendoza, but little else.
More than likely this will be a rough patch team for 2-3 seasons.
Minor League Overview: Solid
Vasco Borbon(68/80),Tony Perez(54/76),Dale Witt(73/84),Brett Collins(63/80)
Outlook: Complete Rebuild

Oklahoma City Truck Bomb Massacres
Last Season: 56-106 4th
Major League Overview: On Life Support
This club will need a complete turnaround before it gets better.
There is ok talent is spots but minimal at best.
Holding the #2 overall draft choice is crucial to the future of this franchise.
Minor League Overview: Barely Ok
Tomas Velez(52/77),Joe Marshall(67/75),
Outlook: Complete Rebuild

Las Vegas Immortals
Last Season:96-66 3rd
Major League Overview: On the cusp
This is a good team that is stuck in the toughest division in Wright.
96 wins was only good enough for 3rd place. But when the teams in front of you win 122 and 100 respectively, you might be able to not hang your head.
There will need to be a few moves made here and there however.
Minor League Overview: Ok
Sergio Hennessey(78/87),Tony Villarreal(70/76),Julio Ortiz(53/76)
Outlook: Contender

National League
Chicago Chargers
Last Season: 86-76 2nd
Major League Overview: Solid
The good news is that you'll have the best pitcher in the world.
But the bad news is that you'll have to beat Burlington for the division.
A definite playoff contender for sure.
But to solidify a berth a few additions need to be made.
Minor League Overview: Poor
Ted Rigney(66/72),Randy Schmidt(67/82),
Outlook: Contender

Syracuse Trail of Tears
Last Season: 60-102 4th
Major League Overview: On Life Support
Years of free spending for the sake of titles caught up to this club.
It is now in the place of most dynasties after the first run ends.
There will need to be a major overhaul of the franchise.
Minor League Overview: Very Good
Donne Goodwin(56/83),Eric McFeely(67/88),Wiki Padilla(67/76),Amos Kennedy(61/74),Brian Jordan(40/69),Max Nunez(45/68)
Outlook: Complete Rebuild

Jackson Mets
Last Season: 83-79 3rd
Major League Overview: In Flux
A very very aging team at present.
You can win with this team and compete for the playoffs.
It will mostly depend upon the new owner's viewpoint as to how this team goes.
Minor League Overview: Poor
Paul Blank(47/79)
Outlook: Potential Contender

Houston Councils for Foreign Relation
Last Season: 83-79 4th
Major League Overview: Solid
They certainly have the offense to put up some numbers.
Anytime you have a superstar like John Jones, you will put up good offensive numbers.
The pitching staff however needs work for sure.
Minor League Overview: Slightly Ok
Tony Miranda(74/80),Ken James(61/74)Tomas Sojo(66/77),Luis Guapo(66/72),Jerry Sutton(61/82)
Outlook: Contender


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Season 14 Amateur Draft Review

. Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A weak draft overall in comparison to previous seasons.
Very top heavy with talent but it fell off in terms of talent at the back end.
There were some very very questionable selections(Matt Bush over Justin Verlander type questionable).
Some teams lucked out into franchise changing players because of it.

We won't truly see the spoils until these talents reach their maturation.
But here is a look at how the teams that selected in the top 32 fared.

1.Toronto Toilet Bowls
Bud Broome ***
A solid #2- #3 type SP for the rotation.
Definitely not good enough to be the #1 overall selection.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
2.Toledo Lugg Nuts
Rudy Cook *
And the Oscar for WTF?! moment goes too...
The worst top 5 selection in the history of HBD.
Major League Debut ETA: Never(Unless the team is 0-162)
3.Sacramento Hornets
Alfonso Sanchez *****
Dynamic hitter at a position that doesn't normally produce them.
If he can remain at C for the duration of his career he will be a HOF player.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 16
4.Cleveland Burning Rivers
Wayne Towers ****
Very good hitter who will struggle against lefties.
Should develop into a 30-110-.280 guy in the majors.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
5.Syracuse Trail of Tears
Donne Goodwin *****
Best player in the draft hands down. future HOF player.
As long as he does not get a major injury bug.
This pick will go down as potentially the biggest steal in league history.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 16-17
6.Boston Braves
Damian Young ***
Will be a solid ML defensive player who will hit.
He's a solid all around player but not great at any one thing.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
7.Minnesota McGees
Alan Osting **
Terrible pick in the top 10. will set the franchise back 3+ years.
Some terrible scouting inside the top 10 this season.
Will take some time to recover from this pick.
Major League Debut ETA: Never
8.Charleston Confederates
Andres Tarraga ***
Very good defensive SS who will not bog down the lineup with his bat.
Should be a solid contributor for several seasons in the majors.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 16-17
9.New Orleans Perpetual Hangovers
Rick Winchester(Did not sign) ****
Elite type hitter as a C. perennial all star in the future.
Huge gamble to take, had it paid off though...
Major League Debut ETA: Season 16-17
10.Tampa Bay Tic Tacs
Lazy Taschner ***
Should be a very good hitter and more than adequate SS.
A common theme amongst the top 10 this season.
Draft solid players who should make the majors.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
11.Sacramento Hornets
Robinzon Manzanillo ***
Should be a solid middle of the rotation starter in the future.
Won't light up the world or win 25 games.
He'll be solid and may have a spike year here and there.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
12.Cincinnati Marauders
Barney Evans ***
Solid hitter in the corner outfield. will struggle to hit righties.
Has a very good shot at becoming a big time ML hitter.
If the power can overcome the struggles against RHP then he will be a 12+ season vet.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
13.Portland Rainmakers
Ray Graham ***
Solid defensive SS who lacks a polished bat.
Not a big time wow guy but can get the job done.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
14.Chicago Heatseekers
John Mathis ****
Has the chance to develop into quite the closer at the ML level.
Put him in the all-star game at least every other season. his potential is that good.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 16-17
15.New York New York
Asdrubal Perez(Did not sign) ***
Future is at 3B with a solid bat.
Probably won't stay in the lineup long enough to be a huge force.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
16.Jackson Mets
Paul Blank ***
Power hitting SS who will struggle to stay off the DL.
Good fielding potential with huge power.
It's sound nice but he only has power and barely will be able to make enough contact to make it worthwhile. Minor league HOF player though, should hit 40-50 HR's in the minors.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
17.Salt Lake City Jazz
Ellis Drew ***
Power hitting OF who is a bit too much of a free swinger.
Very nice power potential with the bat.
But the batting eye is the main question, can he reign it in?
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
18.Washington DC West Wingers
Julius Kennedy ***
Elite defensive SS who lacks the bat. but the glove makes up for it.
He may not have a great bat but man can he play some SS.
Gold glove potential for this young man.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
19.Tacoma Expos
Miguel Jose ***
Dangerous hitter who should develop into one of the better 2B in the world.
Tough to gauge this one. Has the potential to be an all world hitter.
Should definitely be a top 15-20 2B in the majors.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
20.Oklahoma City Truck Bomb Massacres
Tomas Velez ***
Will develop into a #3 type of rotation starter.
He's solid but not a guy that will make a huge impact.
He can eat innings and get some W's.
But if you count on him to be your #1 or #2 then get ready to win about 50 games.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
21.Texas El Chupacabras
Thomas Ryan ***
Solid future setup man in the majors.
Won't have the tools to be a closer but should be a nice weapon out of the pen.
He'll be shaky at times but he should be worth it.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
22.Chicago Chargers
Alex Anderson **
Solid player with corner outfield potential. lacks a top bat.
Not the ideal bat for a corner OF but he'll do.
Should wind up at a LF but has the potential to play a bit of RF.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
23.Texas El Chupacabras
Jose Belliard ***
Will be a very nice closer/setup type at the ML level.
Could play either role. Main setup man or closer.
He has the tools to get it done but won't be a elite guy.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
24.Cleveland Burning Rivers
Napoleon Tulowitzki **
Future slick fielding 3B with a solid bat.
Will play in the Majors for defensive reasons.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
25.Houston Councils For Foreign Relations
Lenny Bush **
Future pinch hitter at the ML level. Outside of that there is not much value to this selection. definite AAAA star though.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17-18
26.Atlanta Fairfax
Graeme Siddall *
Second worst pick of the first round behind the #2 overall pick.
Will not amount to much. If he plays in the majors the team is in trouble.
Major League Debut ETA: Never
27.Jacksonville PnB's
Bo Schultz **
Perfect AAAA player. outside of that, can't really say much.
Major League Debut ETA: Never
28.Boise Land Sharks
Ivy Ryan ***
A very very polished hitter with a chance to be a .330 type doubles machine in the future.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
29.San Diego Padres
Clarence Brush **
Solid all around player but lacks power to be a force on offense.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17
30.Boise Land Sharks
Nash Gagnon **
Very solid hitter at 1B but lacks the conditioning to be a steady player in the lineup.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17-18
31.Rochester MCA
Harry Vazquez(Did not sign) ****
Has the potential to be the best closer to come out of this draft.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 16-17
32.San Antonio Sand Baggers
Bill Henry **
Should do well in the future as a setup man.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 17-18