Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Annual Ownership Opportunites - Season 13

. Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here is a look at the available teams for season 13. Which includes a review of the minor league system as well as a idea of what to expect prior to taking possession of the team.

American League
Former Ottawa Primetimers
Record: 68-94
Division Standing: 2nd
Minor League Building Block: Solid
Dale Witt(60/84),Vasco Borbon(56/80).Delino Mendoza(64/78),Brett Collins(49/80),Eric Hickman(58/70),Dan Rupe(63/76),Cesar Ortiz(70/73),Luke Sabel(62/72),Cy Walton(62/78),Donaldo Bonilla(57/76)
Outlook: Middle of the pack.
A solid pitching staff lead by Kennie Sewell. The offense needs some work but this team has the capability to be .500 or better with the right owner.

Former Cleveland Blazers
Record: 64-98
Division Standing: 3rd
Minor League Building Block: Pretty solid
Rickey Watson(77/85),Napoleon Rogers(63/78),Billy Risley(57/74),Roy Lansing(74/81),B.C. Bailey(56/70),Dan Sanders(66/76),Jimmie Perez(69/74),Nelson Koch(70/74)
Outlook: Playoff contender
This is a team that performed well below expectations after the previous season and off season additions. A solid offense is waiting to be tweaked and unleashed. If the new owner can find some upgrades for the pitching, this team could go far this season.

Former Durham Wolverines
Record: 90-72
Division Standing: 1st
Minor League Building Block: Questionable
Carl Broome(65/72),Rex Sheldon(71/81),Kevin Kwon(55/75),Sammy Cubillan(72/81)
Outlook: Division winner
The team should have another ho-hum season for them.(which should mean another division crown) The Durham offense should be the same as usual, the pitching staff needs some work but the playoffs are well within reach.

Former New Britain Blackbirds
Record: 82-80
Division Standing: 2nd
Minor League Building Block: Ok
Heath Strickland(69/79),Yoo-Nah Shinjo(58/71),Rex Barker(62/69),Domingo Mercedes(68/73),Bernie Miller(64/70),Geraldo Flores(71/74),Dick Jacobs(71/78),Russ Moore(51/70),Bubba Simpson(42/70)
Outlook: Middle of the pack
The team is ok in some areas, solid in others. The problem is that they're not "great" at any one thing. So while they have the potential to do well this season. With the wrong moves this could go south in a hurry.

Former Louisville Phantom Regiment
Record: 87-75
Division Standing: 2nd
Minor League Building Block: Questionable
Richard Hara(70/74),Joe Marshall(55/74),Jerry Pavlov(54/69),Skip Bacsik(62/75),Wily Mo Barker(53/74)
Outlook: Playoff contender
A very solid pitching staff for this club. The offense is good but could use a bit more "umph" to put it over the top. The team should make some noise this season and may give Atlanta a run for their money this season.

National League
Former Pittsburgh Outlaws
Record: 76-86
Division Standing: 3rd
Minor League Building Block: Solid
Nick Field(75/84),Willis Sosa(64/77),B.C. Beltran(65/81),Pascual Perez(66/72),Harold Forbes(53/70)
Outlook: Middle of the pack
A very disappointing season for this franchise a year ago. With the current set up of the team there will need to be a good sized overhaul to make the club a contender.

Former Wichita Rabid Wombats(WS Runner up)
Record: 86-76
Division Standing: 2nd
Minor League Building Block: Ok
Ivan Gomez(65/77),Chief Giavotella(73/80),Glenn Hoffman(56/76),Pedro Rodriguez(70/77),Henry Grace(70/79),Tim Warden(68/75)
Outlook: Playoff contender
Coming off a surprising world series berth.(surprise berths becoming the norm in this world)
This team is primed for another playoff run. A good pitching staff and a solid offense should see the team in the hunt this season.

Helena Triple H's
Record: 74-88
Division Standing: 4th
Minor League Building Block: Questionable
James Coleman(65/76),Fred Sanford(63/81),Michael Chang(60/73),Willie Jacquez(59/69)
Outlook: Rebuild
This team is likely to need the most work of any in the world this season.
Just not a ton to work with in the majors. This team is perfect for those who love a challenge.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Atlanta Captures Third WS Title

. Friday, October 16, 2009

Congrats to GM gobosox514 and the city of Atlanta for winning their third championship in Wright world.
The team in constantly in contention for the title and has never had a losing season under GB514.

They have now established themselves as the premier dynasty in Wright.
Can they follow it up next season? stay tuned...


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pittsburgh Suffers A Huge Loss

. Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Pittsburgh Outlaws received discouraging news tonight.
23 year old sensation Harry Hermanson is out for 63 days with a back injury.
The injury comes at a very bad time as the team was on a recent hot streak and just 8 games out of the wild card with time to go.
The loss will certainly have an impact on the playoff picture.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trenidad Segui Hits 600th Career HR

. Sunday, September 13, 2009

It was a moment we had all waited for. A moment reached by just two other athletes in wright.
The Home Run is such a majestic feat in baseball lore.
Revered, Desired, Demanded. We view those who hit them as champions, as warriors, as heroes.

Last night in a game against the Wichita Rabid Wombats we saw history.
OF Trenidad Segui hit his 600th HR of his storied career.
Hammering a pitch in the top of the 3rd to left centerfield that barely got out. It marked a monumental achievement for the man who as a kid growing up in Grant Park, IL just wanted to be a baseball star.

To cap it off his team won in a lopsided 10-2 game.
As he rounded the bases with tears in his eyes and a graphic up on the scoreboard.
It was a even greater site to see all of his teammates there to meet him at home plate.
The celebration caused a 33 min delay as he tipped his cap to the fans and tried to hide his tears.
Tears of accomplishment, of vindication and of joy.

Congrats to you Mr. Segui on your feat and many more to come.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wright World Power Rankings

. Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hot off the presses. We issue unto you the brand spanking new Wright world power rankings.
Now some may wonder why the normal PR's differ from the WCS PR's.
This is because the PR's show who are the best teams throughout the world.
The WCS rankings are of the best teams in the locked into the playoffs as of the rankings issue.

1.San Diego Padres
2.Louisville Phantom Regiment
3.Atlanta Fairfax
4.Las Vegas Immortals
5.San Antonio Sandbaggers
6.Boise Land Sharks
7.St. Louis Spirtis
8.Burlington Coat Factory
9.Wichita Rabid Wombats
10.Chicago Chargers
11.Jacksonville PnB's
12.Rochester MCA
13.New Britain Blackbirds
14.Durham Wolverines
15.Sioux Falls Stonesauruses
16.Portland Rainmakers
17.Salem Bluejays
18.Pittsburgh Outlaws
19.Cincinnati Marauders
20.Richmond Sons of Virginina
21.Tampa Bay Tic-Tacs
22.Helena Triple H's
23.Salt Lake City Jazz
24.Ottawa Primetimers
25.Houston Councils for Foreign Relation
26.Santa Cruz Banana Slugz
27.New York New York
28.Washington D.C. Westwingers
29.Cleveland Blazers
30.Toronto Trail of Tears
31.New Orleans Perpetual Hangovers
32.Toledo Lugg Nuts


Sunday, August 16, 2009

ML AL West Division Preview

. Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boise Land Sharks
The team finally started to turn the corner last season.
It ended with a second place finish and the team plans to build upon that this year,
Depth in the rotation is a concern for the team but the offense should be able to carry it for a good portion of the season.
Key Arrivals: None
Key Departures: Andrew Simmons,Harry Diaz
Prediction: 1st Place - 95-67

Las Vegas Immortals
The sin city gamblers are gearing up for another run at the division crown.
While they are very good in certain areas of the game. The team lacks a lot of depth especially in the rotation.
Unless the team can pull in some serious pitching, "runner-up" is in their future.
Key Arrivals: None
Key Departures: None
Prediction: 2nd Place - 90-72

Santa Cruz Banana Slugs
A perplexing team to be sure. One of the few teams in the division with adequate pitching depth.
The offense isn't too bad either. But the stamina amongst their rotation is alarming.
No doubt it's better to get 5-6 quality innings out of a starter than 7-8 poor ones.
However the bullpen is sure to get over taxed early and that could take them out of the race for first place.
Key Arrivals: None
Key Departures: Harold Klassen
Prediction: 3rd Place - 86-76

Salem Blue Jays

Almost no team worked as hard in the off season to make a splash in free agency as the Blue Jays. They brought in some nice pieces but also lost quite a few.
Much like the rest of the division pitching depth will be somewhat of a down fall for this squad.
But this team lacks the offense and balance to seriously contend for the crown this season.
Key Arrivals: J.D. Lloyd & Clarence Brooks
Key Departures: Eugene Gibson,Sean Tanner,Tim Greer,Ken Durham & Posiedon Snopek
Prediction: 4th Place - 82-80


ML AL South Division Preview


Louisville Phantom Regiment
After 4 successful seasons in Texas the franchise has packed up and moved to Louisville.
But the more things change the more they stay the same.
The team has added some pieces to a already potent squad and look to claim another division title this season.
Key Arrivals: Rico Mieses,Butch Mercker & Rick Brantley
Key Departures: J.T. Kelly,Walter House & Joshua Hines
Prediction: 1st Place - 96-66

Atlanta Fairfax
The ATL showed a resurgence last season after a tough season 10 in which the team was too interested in being reigning world champs than playing hard.
The problem is that the lack of effort could be shown again this season.
The Fairfax will likely need to grab a few bats to overtake Louisville, but the race will be very close.
Key Arrivals: Kordell Lennon
Key Departures: None
Prediction: 2nd Place - 94-68

New Orleans Perpetual Hangovers
A very young team this season, something that will both help and hurt them.
The team will see highs and lows this time around but should be better for it in the future.
With so many holes in key areas the team will struggle. They will likely log the best season in some time and promote some prospects.
But the team is playing for next season.
Key Arrivals: Steven Keeler & Rafael Vallarta
Key Departures: None
Prediction: 3rd Place - 72-90

Richmond Sons of Virginia

To say it's going to be a long season for Richmond would be cruel to their fans.
The holes in the rotation and bullpen are enough to cause concern, the alarm goes off when you see the potential lineup.
Not nearly enough impact hitters to offset the rest of the issues.
Key Arrivals: Don Fujiwara
Key Departures: Quilvio Vazquez,Denny White
Prediction: 4th Place - 70-92


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ML NL West Division Preview

. Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The continuing series of division by division previews continues with the NL West:

1 - San Diego Padres

In the toughest division in baseball the Padres have won the last 4 consecutive division titles. The Padres do it with excellent balance of strong starting pitching and timely hitting. The Padres in offseason only re-signed a veteran catcher to catch their solid pitching. Overall the team is young with only 3 players over 30 years of age and numerous talented youngsters. The Padres set the season on fire last season with 117 regular season wins, but got ousted in the divisional round of the playoffs. They look to rebound from that disappointment and return to the World Series.

2 - Portland Rainmakers

In any other division this team would be picked to win the division, but being in the toughest division they will settle for 2nd place and a wild card slot in the playoffs. They have been very consistent the last 6 seasons with 5 playoff appearances as a Wild Card. In a division with a lot of pitching they will try to pound their way to wins with their solid hitting. They are lacking a little in pitching depth but should be enough to provide another playoff appearance.

3- St. Louis Spirits

This team has been on a slow rebuilding project for the last 9 seasons with competitive teams but finishing around .500 most seasons. They have very solid pitching which will need to carry their average offense on most nights. The most significant offseason move was to re-sign steady Starting Pitcher Fausto Guzman. This team looks to make increasing strides and be a wild card contender looking to reach 90 wins.

4 - Helena Triple H's

Another solid team in a tough division. Unlike their WWE counterpart Triple H there will probably be no championship this season with all of the divisional competition. This is another strong pitching team with 2 solid hitters and a bunch of role players. Pitching will rule on most nights with a lot of 2-1 and 3-2 wins and losses. But, this team could also surprise if they overachieve and contend for a Wild Card slot. There is a possibility with 4 teams in this division with over 90 wins but only 3 teams can go to the playoffs which is a shame. There are 8 players over the age of 30 so this team is stocked with veterans that could make a run for the division but the age may slow this team down during the long regular season.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

ML AL East Division Preview

. Sunday, August 2, 2009

Durham Wolverines
Well the good news for the East is that not much has changed for Durham.
The bad news however is that, not much had changed for the Wolverines.
They are still armed with a lethal offense and good pitching to boot.
This season could turn into a "cruise control" finish and another division title.
Key Arrivals: Turk Vaughn
Key Departures: Bill Barry & Patrick Buchanan
Prediction: 1st Place - 98-64

Rochester MCA
The non Y MCA'ers are heading into the season with a big chip on their shoulders.
They feel that last season was their year to win the division, only to falter in the end.
But you can ask the Mets, that and $1.50 will get you a coffee but not much else.
Key Arrivals: None
Key Departures: Howie Langerhans,Joe Murphy,Wayne Robinson
Prediction: 2nd - 89-77

New Britain Blackbirds
The blackbirds are gearing up to make a splash this season. The offense is above average.
They have upgraded the rotation with the prize of the free agency class.
New Britain definitely has enough to make a run this season. Though the question is will it hold together?
Key Arrivals: Albert Ordaz,Jack York,Quilvio Vazquez
Key Departures: Francisco Tejada
Prediction: 3rd Place - 82-80

New York New York
This is a very very young team with alot of potential. Sadly that potential is 2-3 years from making a huge impact.
This team while having a nice array of pitching, is going to have a lot of growing pains.
It will be a up and down season but they should easily finish with their best record since season 5.
Key Arrivals: None
Key Departures: None
Prediction: 4th Place - 75-87


Saturday, August 1, 2009

ML AL North Division Preview

. Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cleveland Blazers
The blazers are back and they are stronger than ever. Armed with very solid lineup further bolstered with off-season moves. Offense will surely not be an issue with the club this season.
Something that will however need to be addressed is the rotation, the front end(starters 1-3) are good but the back end will cause some issues. Overall though, with the additions that will areas of need along with no severe losses. This team is poised to put a stranglehold on the division that if combined with a influx of prospect talent(through the draft and international free agents) may not be released until 4-5 seasons from now.
Key Arrivals: Juan Lopez,Joshua Hines,Carl Lilly & Apollo Page
Key Departures: Kevin Dong & Stephen Becker
Prediction: 1st Place - 92-70

Salt City Jazz
The jazz have to be one of the most perplexing teams in the AL. They're tremendous at the things they excel at, but when there is a weakness. It's beyond glaring.
The team possess potentially the best offense in the division. They also have a fine rotation.
But once you dig deeper you discover a lack of bullpen talent and bench depth.
Combined with a inactive off-season in which the team lost several key pieces.
This franchise as of now won't be in the division race after the All-star break.
Key Arrivals: None
Key Departures: Ricky George,Clarence Brooks & Dante Cheng,
Prediction: 2nd Place - 83-79

Sioux Falls Stonesauruses
The fans in Sioux Falls are excited about the new team. As well they should be, they have a shiny new franchise, shiny new ballpark and a shiny new franchise pitcher.
The team has a nice makeup to it, the pieces they have fit well.
However since the team will be forced to win games 2-1,3-2 and etc close scores. The pitching staff may not be able to get them over the hump. They will hang around in games, the division and playoff hunt potentially.
But without an offensive upgrade at key spots. This team will finish the season offending the fans dreams of a shiny new division crown.
Key Arrivals: Damian Yamamoto
Key Departures: Don Fujiwara
Prediction: 3rd - 77-85

Ottawa Primetimers
How to put into words what this franchise is? hmm... downtrodden.
While the talent of the team is solid, they lack any one "elite" player that can get you over the hump.
For the team to make some noise this season, they will need to play to not make mistakes.
As anyone who is a sports aficionado knows, if you play to avoid mistake then you're not playing to win.
It's entirely possible that this team will make a early run and put a lot of fans butts in the seats.
But once the meat of the season rolls around the team will be exactly what it is.
Key Arrivals: Harry Diaz & Domingo Amaral
Key Departures: Rafael Molina & Pablo Cairo
Prediction: 4th - 66-96


Friday, July 31, 2009

ML NL South Division Preview

. Friday, July 31, 2009

The continuing series of division by division previews continues with the NL South:

1 - San Antonio Sandbaggers
This defending division winner with 103 regular season wins has a solid mix of veterans and youth as they have won the last 3 of the last 4 division titles. They were never challenged last season as they ran away from the pack early and won the division by 19 games. No team in this division made the necessary changes this offseason to overtake the Sandbaggers. Therefore, a 5th franchise division title looks solid. They will compete for home field advantage in the NL and look for better playoff results.

2 - Wichita Rabid Wombats
This team was one of the more active teams during the offseason with 11 free agents signed. They have a salary exceeding 100 million and have 15 players over 30. If there is a team that is setup to win now this is it. It will be a close fight with Houston for the 2nd position and their experience may provide the edge. This team has no one outstanding player but has several solid players that will contribute to a winning season and in consideration for a wild card spot. They may not have enough to win this division, but this team looks to regain the glory days of seasons past when they won 4 consecutive division titles. This team will be trouble for the rest of the league.

3- Houston Councils For Foreign Relation
This up and coming team is very young and looks to improve on their 84 win season and compete for the division title. It might be a season or 2 too early for that, but this team will continue to provide headaches for the rest of the division and NL. With only 1 offseason move to resign a veteran pitcher this team is supported by the superstar center fielder and NL MVP John Jones. The hitters are young and will carry the team in most games, but solid pitching will be the challenge for this team this season. They will be in the Wild Card hunt but may fall short because of their pitching.

4 - Tampa Bay Tic-Tacs
This team has struggled for the past 4 seasons with a high of 66 wins. They are looking to rebound with 5 Free Agent signings and youth as there are only 2 players over the age of 30 on the roster. They have solid and young hitters who will only get better. Pitching is up and coming with youth. This team will not climb out of the basement this season, but could see up to 70 wins at least. In a few seasons they look to contend for the division title, patience will be of the essence.


ML NL East Division Preview


This is the continuing series of the division by division preview for the upcoming season.

1 - Cincinnati Marauders
Last season the Marauders finished 2nd in the worst division in HBD. It took only 85 wins to win the division title last season and at one point no team was over .500. The GM has taken to task and acquired 4 Free Agents this offseason which will propel them back to the top spot in this weak division for their 6th division title. The acquisition of 2 veteran pitchers, a catcher, and a superstar RF in Alvarado will be enough to win this division.

2 - Jacksonville PnBs
Last season's division winner stayed pat mostly in the offseason with only 2 veteran pitcher pickups. This team is driven by its young offense which will bash its way to challenge for their 2nd division title. They may fall short with their average pitching and will need to improve their win total to challenge for the wild card. With only 4 players over 30 years of age this team will continue to challenge for the divsion title for the foreseeable future.

3 - Toledo Lugg Nutts
This new owner has taken over a hapless team and made a big splash in the free agent market with 8 acquisitions. The acquisitions include 4 pitchers which should help re-vamp this pitching staff and 1 potential star player in LF Jeff Smith. These moves should be enough to vault them to 70 to 75 wins and a 3rd place finish in this division. The rebuilding of what once was a 5-time division winner should take a couple more seasons to contend for a wild card and division title.

4 - Washington D.C. West Wingers
This hapless franchise has the lowest payroll in baseball with 31.5 million. Unfortunately, the results will reflect that as well as this team will struggle all season with its pitching. Only 1 FA acquisition during the offseason won't change the fortunes of this team. The rebuilding process will continue for this franchise. This team is very young with only 3 players over the age of 30 and has potential to improve as the team matures. This team will be looking up at the rest of this division and perhaps lose 100 games again this season.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

ML NL North Division Preview

. Thursday, July 30, 2009

To kick off the pre-season a division by divison breakdown and predicted order of finish:
1 - Toronto Trail of Tears
This team is a perennial contender and this season will not be any different. They have 8 division titles (6 consecutive), 4 NLCS Titles, and 1 World Series Title. This defending NLCS champion is stil the force of the North until proven otherwise. Last season was a step back as far as regular season wins go from their normal 100 wins, but still claimed the NLCS Title and went 7 games in a thrilling World Series with Las Vegas the eventual winner. This team is carried by its balanced offense and supported by its veteran pitchers. They are starting to replace some veterans with some new blood which they hope would bring their 7th straight division title.

2- Pittsburgh Outlaws
This team has been consistent in regards to regular season wins for the last 6 seasons with 85, 82, 90, 87, and 86 wins. This team has good balance between hitting and pitching with no player older than 32. They have several players in their prime and if they are going to make a charge for their first division title the time is now. With only 1 playoff appearance in the last 11 seasons it appears this team could win up to 90 games and contend for a wild card which is always a dogfight in the NL.

3 - Burlington Coat Factory
Last season had their worst season in franchise history with a 62-100 record and a 4th place division finish. The GM has made a number of good changes with this team with trades and free agent acquisitions. The team has solid pitching with a pure ace of Pedro Seneca with an up and coming offense. This team can come back to their over .500 days quickly and challenge for the wild card and perhaps even steal 2nd place in the division. Even with all of the improvements this young team won't quite catch the Trail of Tears. We could see this team winning up to 90 games and making their 6th playoff appearance.

4 - Chicago Chargers
This 3rd place division finisher for the last 3 seasons may now dip into last place in this tough division. They have solid pitching but a mediocre offense which may have trouble scoring runs in stretches. Like Burlington they have a solid ace with Daryl Brower. This team could struggle to reach .500 this season and may even be under that due to the improvements of the other teams in the division. A Wild Card run would be a stretch with this veteran group as this team may be looking to rebuild soon.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wright World Player Records - Updated

. Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Career Records(Hitting):
HittingAvg: .351 Don Fujiwara(RICHMOND)
Hits: 2,073 Alex Renteria(SIOUX FALLS)
Hitting Streak: 33 Hector Terrero(CINCINNATI)
Doubles: 537 Robin Griffin(LAS VEGAS)
Triples: 143 Trenidad Segui(TORONTO)
Home Runs: 637 Artie Cunningham(DURHAM)
OBP: .449 R.J. Mesa(RICHMOND)
Runs: 1,581 Robin Griffin(LAS VEGAS)
Runs Created: 1827.35 Artie Cunningham(DURHAM)
RBI: 1,751 Trenidad Segui(TORONTO)
2 Out RBI: 685 Trenidad Segui(TORONTO)
Slugging Pct: .723 Artie Cunningham(DURHAM)
Stolen Bases: 645 Robin Griffin(LAS VEGAS)
Walks: 1,041 Patrick Brown(FREE AGENT)
Intentional Walks: 183 Trenidad Segui(TORONTO)
NOPS: 28,497 Patrick Brown(FREE AGENT)

Career Records(Pitching):
PitchingWins: 199 Miguel Colome(HELENA)
Pitching Losses: 125 Derrick Wickman(FREE AGENT)
ERA: 3.06 Damian Yamamoto(SIOUX FALLS)
Strikeouts: 2,026 Miguel Colome(HELENA)
Strikeouts Per 9 Innings: 8.18 Daryl Brower(CHICAGO)
Complete Games: 58 Daryl Brower(CHICAGO)
Saves: 336 Will Gray(SALEM)
Shut Outs: 20 Miguel Colome(HELENA)
WHIP: 1.12 Damian Yamamoto(SIOUX FALLS)
Batting Avg. Allowed: .226 Marc Hoffman(PITTSBURGH)
OBP Allowed: .286 Damian Yamamoto(SIOUX FALLS)
Quality Starts: 249 Miguel Colome(HELENA)
Innings Pitched: 2,797.3 Miguel Colome(HELENA)
Win %: .747 Jeffrey Farley(RETIRED)
Save %: .894 Will Gray(SALEM)
Games: 810 Mac Stern(WICHITA)
Games Started: 403 Miguel Colome(HELENA)
Home Runs Allowed: 336 Philip Hunt(LAS VEGAS)
Slugging % Allowed: .344 Marc Hoffman(PITTSBURGH)

Career Records(Fielding):
Assists (1B): 1,059 Theo Bold(BOISE)
Assists (2B): 4,905 Norm Lowell(TORONTO)
Assists (3B): 2,204 Ryan Webb(WICHITA)
Assists (SS): 4,308 Patrick Anderson(DURHAM)
Assists (CF): 129 Robin Griffin(LAS VEGAS)
Assists (LF): 65 Patrick Brown(FREE AGENT)
Assists (RF): 84 Kelvim Wells(SALT LAKE CITY)
Assists (P): 8 Steve Christiansen(FREE AGENT)
Catcher ERA: 3.47 Vic Diaz(SAN DIEGO)
Good Plays (1B): 13 Alex Manto(CLEVELAND)&Gill Chen(PORTLAND)
Good Plays (2B): 63 Harry Burroughs(RETIRED)
Good Plays (3B): 23 Wiki Guerrero(ROCHESTER)
Good Plays (SS): 32 Stuart Wilkinson(RETIRED)
Good Plays (C): 1 Julio Delgado(ATLANTA)&Harold Klassen(WICHITA)
Good Plays (CF): 163 Albert Rios(RICHMOND)
Good Plays (LF): 24 Dan Speier(RETIRED)&Patrick Brown(FREE AGENT)
Good Plays (RF): 24 Kelvim Wells(SALT LAKE CITY)&Miguel Ordaz(RETIRED)&Ozzie Wells(RETIRED)
Good Plays (P): 9 Luis Alfonzo(LOUISVILLE)
Runners Caught Stealing: 328 Charlie Mulder(RETIRED)
Runners Caught Stealing%: .470 Ray Podsednik(CLEVELAND)


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Annual Ownership Opportunites Review

. Sunday, July 5, 2009

Taking a look at the available teams for season 12. Includes a review of the minor league system as well as a idea of what to expect.

American League
Former Montreal Moose
Record: 65-97
Division Standing: 4th
Major League Foundation: Questionable
Alex Renteria is the franchise player. Followed by Don Fujiwara
Vinny Stevenson(68/74),Ahmad Bailey(71/75),Luis Pena(69/73),
Minor League Building Block: Solid
Omar Prieto(79/83),Tony Hall(51/71),Sammy Perez(57/73),Felipe Lind(51/65),Cody Baines(56/70),Roland Brewer(51/69),Marc Stokes(57/70),Marvin Cooney(69/73),Sammy Blasco(53/70),Marc Risley(65/71)
Outlook: Rebuild
The team is lacking in star quality overall. You have a few pieces on the ML side but they're getting up there in age.
The minors have a huge quantity of prospects. The issue however is that the quality of them is in question. You have potentially 1 with superstar potential and after that everyone else is ok.
This team will probably go through a rough patch for a few more seasons before it turns around.
Perfect rebuilding candidate for those seeking the challenge.

Former Charlotte Bobcats
Record: 70-92
Division Standing: 3rd
Major League Foundation: Solid
The major league team has a pretty solid core group of players.
Geraldo Flores(70/73), Lonnie Sewell, Nash Lamb,Victor Gomez,Bubba Nathan,Valerio Reyes,Harvey Diaz,David Cabeza,
Minor League Building Block: Solid
Potential MVP hitter Domingo Mercedes(67/73) leads the prospect pack. Yoo-Nah Shinjo(54/71),Bernie Miller(63/70),Dick Jacobs(67/78),Russ Moore(42/70),Leo Wise(65/75),
Rex Barker(58/69),
Outlook: Potential Rebuild/Contender
This is a team in flux. Part contender and part rebuilding. The team is aging and it's window to compete is closing. The issue however is that the entire franchise has the same problem at all levels. You have a few nice players here and there but no flat out superstar stud.

Former Texas Rangers
Record: 92-70
Division Standing: 2nd
Major League Foundation: Very Good
Kelly Flanagan(85/91),Kiki Astacio,Wiki Vega(72/76),Felipe Rios(78/82),Trey Broome(75/81),Dave Tucker,Joshua Hines,Gregory Goldberg,J.T. Kelly,Flip Jones(73/77),Ben Siddall,Luis Alfonzo,Al Espinoza(78/81),
Minor League Building Block: Very Poor
David Durazo(76/81),Douglas Morel(61/67),Miller James(57/66),John Parkers(54/63),Carlos Jacquez(65/71),Wily Mo Barker(44/74),
Outlook: WS Contender
A stacked team on the ML side. A good mixture of veteran presence and youthful talent.
The minors are barren at the moment due to most of the talent being promoted. Is definitely a team that can contend for the WS title now and for future seasons to come.

Former Memphis Chickasaws
Record: 61-101
Division Standing: 4th
Major League Foundation: Solid
Brian Ransom(85/92),Ariel Carrasco(76/82),Vicente Ramirez(78/80),Eduardo Jacquez(75/83),Esteban Elcano,Luis De La Vega(70/78),Sarma Roberts(69/76),Brandon Leach,
Minor League Building Block: Very Good
Theodore Wilson(82/88),Dorian Johnstone,Robert Isringhausen(74/75),Jackson Stoops(70/81),Quinn Jenner(57/71),Ed McDowell(58/72),
Outlook: Young Potential Contender
This is a very young team is all facets of the game. The ML side has some very nice and usable pieces. The minors are stacked even with a ton of players being brought up over the past few seasons. This team could easily contend for the playoffs with the right moves and a dedicated owner.

National League
Former Indianapolis Colt 45's
Record: 62-100
Division Standing: 3rd
Major League Foundation: Questionable
Buzz Scott(72/77),Patrick Brown,Leon Riley(66/73)
Minor League Building Block: OK
Bernie Larson(60/82),Nick Austin(68/80), Gregory Matheny(66/81),Julio Pimentel(51/69)
Outlook: Severe Rebuild
This franchise is in need of a steady and dedicated owner. Once one of the best franchises in the world. It has fallen upon hard times. There are some pieces in the minors but much like with the ML club it's sparse and needs to be built up.

Former Florida Villians
Record: 75-87
Division Standing: 3rd
Major League Foundation: Good
Damian Yamamoto,Hipolito Barrios,Esteban Alvarez(83/87),Ivan Pizzaro,Mac Stern,Ryan Webb,Alex Arroyo(68/71),Carlos Velazquez,Glenn Adkinson(76/81)
Minor League Building Block: Poor
Chief Giavotella(67/80),Glenn Hoffman(46/76),Pedro Rodriguez(66/77),Henry Grace(64/79),Tim Warden(63/76),Luis Crespo(67/71),Juan Sardinha(70/74),
Outlook: Contender
A cluster of vets on the ML side leaves this team in good shape to contend. The one thing this franchise has above most is that pitching is a strength for them. The main issue will be to get the bats needed for the lineup to compliment the pitching.
The minors have alot of players but most are future role players or defensive experts. You have 1 maybe 2 prospects with legit star potential. The numbers look good on the outside but after you dig deep you can see that the minors will never a overhaul.


Sin City Claims The Crown


The celebration was unlike any other in recent memory. The aura of immortality was evident as the Las Vegas Immortals partied like it was the end of the world.
Claiming their very first world series title by defeating the Toronto Trail of Tears 4 games to 3 in the world series. Congrats to werniss on his season 11 title.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Playoffs Kick Off In Style

. Friday, June 19, 2009

Series 1 AL #3 Las Vegas Immortals - #6 Boise Land Sharks
The sharks and the Immortals did battle in the dessert. The sharks got out to a early 2-0 lead in the top of the 4th with a 2 run RBI single from Billy Piatt. The home team got back in the game in the bottom of the inning on a RBI ground out from Shawn Houston as the score was 2-1 after the 4th.
The Immortals would break the game open and seal the win by scoring 4 runs between the 7th and 8th inning.
Las Vegas 1-0

Series 2 AL #4 Cleveland Blazers - #5 Texas Rangers
The excitement in Cleveland was furious to say the least. The Blazers were able to bring playoff baseball back to the city after a drought since season 4. The Blazers would not disappoint in the early going. Staking themselves to a 3 run lead after RBI singles from Alex Manto, Hiram Prince and Mel Grace in the bottom of the first inning. Texas would go on to score 2 runs in the top half of the 3rd on a Kelly Flanagan 2 run jack. With the score 3-2 and a pitchers duel going on, the fans in Cleveland felt an appauling kick in their stomachs. The 7th inning would prove to be another in a long line of playoff disasters for the city. As the team would go through 3 pitchers and give up a pair of 2 run home runs. Texas would stay ahead after the 7th and win.
Texas 1-0

Series 3 NL #3 Toronto Trail of Tears - #6 Helena Triple H's
The championship hunt for the Tears began slowly this season. The game was tight throughout the entire night. The Tears would get a head start with a 3 run 2nd inning behind RBI's from Ignacio Toca, Geoffery Paulson and Rick Mackowiak. Helena would nibble away at the lead with a solo shot from Joaquin Amaro in the third. Toronto would extend the lead to three again with a RBI from Norm Lowell in the 4th. The Triple H's would own the game from the 5th inning on to tie the game in the 9th. The Tears however would live up to their name as Mackowiak would strike again in the bottom of the 10th. Crushing a game ending walk off HR.
Toronto 1-0

Series 4 NL #4 Jacksonville PnB's - #5 Portland Rainmakers
Jacksonville hosted Portland in a bitter battle of NL giants. Each would score a run in the 2nd inning to knott the game at 1. Jacksonville's offense would make itself known in the 4th. Pascual Guerro lifted a 3 run shot out of the park to give the PnBs a 4-1 lead. Portland would answer with a run in the 5th to make it 4-2. The game however would come unhinged for the PnBs in the 6th. An offensive onslaught led by J.D. Lloyd would allow the Rainmakers to go ahead for good.
The 5 run 6th inning proved too much to overcome as the PnBs fell to the Rain.
Portland 1-0


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Annual Draft Review - Season 11

. Sunday, May 31, 2009

The talent level of the class of season 11 was not considered to be very deep. In talks with some veteran scouts i was informed that this could be the worst crop in the past 4-5 seasons. Still there was good value to be had with the right amount of effort. The draft this season saw a focus on youth. There were 21 high school players drafted among the top 48 selections. The number of Juco players was up as there were a surprising 15 taken among the top 48. While the division 1 ranks saw just 12 players snatched up in the first round.

1.Indianapolis Colt 45's - Bernie Larson $4,000,000 MILB ****
The worst kept secret of this seasons draft was that the sweet swinging Rockford, OH product would go #1. A raw talent but expected for his age. Shows great ability to make contact and drive the ball to the opposite field. Will never be a liability on the base paths and has the potential to become a true franchise player. His offense is more advanced than his defense at this point. But the latter will come in time.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 13
Major League Comparison: Chase Utley
Injury Concern Level: 2.0
2.Memphis Chickasaws - Dorian Johnstone $4,780,000 MILB ***
A very raw HS prospect out of NY. A very fast runner who flashes good power potential and makes contact with the ball. Drafted as a 2B but his future likely lies at a corner OF position. Will end up being very productive throughout his career should he reach his potential.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 13-14
Major League Comparison: Matt Kemp
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
3.Washington D.C. West Wingers - Hugh Guerrero $5,000,000 MILB ****
The West Wingers paid a pretty penny to snag the rangy cali boy. A bit raw as it stands but has the potential to round into a complete player. Could play 2B or any of the OF spots. Once he finds a position it won't be much trouble for his bat to gain him recognition.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Major League Comparison: Ryan Braun
Injury Concern Level: 3.0
4.Houston Councils for Foreign Relation - Ken James $7,930,000 ****
A flat out stud of a pitcher. Has a sick curveball that dazzles hitters whenever he needs an out. Control and poise are staples of his game. Rarely gets distracted on the mound. Has the potential to be a top of the rotation starter if he can keep his penchant for giving up HR's in check.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 13-14
Major League Comparison: Zack Greinke
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
5.Cleveland Blazers - Napoleon Rogers $3,630,000 MILB ****
A very good college arm with the potential to be a very good ML pitcher. Possesses a very good fastball with a good curveball. Not going to light up the radar gun but will get you outs by keeping the ball down and controlling the strike zone.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Major League Comparison: Derek Lowe
Injury Concern Level: 3.0
6.Tampa Bay Tic-Tacs - Norm Pisciotta $3,540,000 MILB ***
A very good hitter. More drive the ball for singles,doubles and potentially triples than for power. Makes alot of contact and runs wild on the base paths when needed. Will do alot of things well but maybe not be elite at any one thing.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 13
Major League Comparison: Bobby Abreu
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
7.New York New York - Brad Haynes $5,986,000 MILB *****
One word is all that is needed to describe this player. ELITE... A flat out stud who will dominate once he fully develops. Rarely do you see a pitcher who can carry a franchise on his back go #7 but such is the case with Haynes. HOF potential.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 15
Major League Comparison: Johan Santana
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
8.Tampa Bay Tic-Tacs - Antone Hodges $3,350,000 MILB ****
Another potential franchise pitcher goes in this draft. Has a weakness vs right handers but the velocity and plus pitches can make up for it. He has 20+ game winner potential.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 15
Major League Comparison: Jake Peavy
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
9.Ottawa Primetimers - Dale Witt $3,250,000 MILB ***
The run on starters continues. The small in stature flamethrower gets tabbed as the pick here.
His overall pitches aren't the greatest but he can be effective enough to win a good amount of games.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 15
Major League Comparison: Dan Haren
Injury Concern Level: 2.0
10.Montreal Moose - Tony Hall $3,160,000 MILB ***
Has some control issues but otherwise a very good arm with 3 very good pitches. Will make a very good #3 starter or better in the future.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Major League Comparison: Jon Lester
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
11.Boise Land Sharks - Shooter Dixon $3,070,000 MILB *** 1/2
A long, lean and lanky pitcher with #2 starter potential. Doesn't throw at lightning speed but is productive in getting outs.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 2.0
12.Jacksonville PnBs - Bono Lavarnway $3,730,000 MILB ****
A potential franchise cornerstone as a position player. Will be a consistent player and should be up for all-star consideration year in and year out. Might even develop into a MVP candidate with the power potential.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 15
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
13.Las Vegas Immortals - Sergio Hennessey $2,880,000 MILB ***
A SS with good power potential. Not a very good hitter but the power and ability to make contact should help overcome the mechanical issues. Will be a good fielder and potentially anchor the infield defense.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 3.0
14.Salt Lake City Jazz - Lonny Landrum $2,790,000 MILB ***
A good reliever who works especially well vs left handers. Owns a plus 4 seam FB and will be a good innings eater.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 2.0
15.Helena Triple H's - James Coleman $2,690,000 MILB ***
A polished college arm with good control. Could be on the fast track to the show. Should be a very good long reliever or possible #4-5 starter.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 13
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
16.Richmond Sons of Virginia - Adrian Horton $3,250,000 MILB w/STI ***
Should develop into a fleet footed 3B with a solid bat. Will never be a great defensive player but can get you through a season.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
17.Burlington Coat Factory - Johnny Colangelo $2,501,000 MILB *** 1/2
One of the most complete OF's in this class. Just shy of being a potential 5 tool player. Should hit for power,average and be a great defensive player.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
18.Cincinnati Marauders - Ned Kirby $2,410,000 MILB ***
Has a bright future as a setup man in the majors. Doesn't have the stuff to be a closer but could be a key 8th inning man.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 2.0
19.San Antonio Sandbaggers - Frank Ainsworth $2,320,000 MILB ****
Drafted as a SS but will likely have to be moved to 3rd or the OF. One of the more complete hitters in the SS class. Should become a all-star threat in the future depending upon the position.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 2.0
20.Montreal Moose -Felipe Lind $2,220,000 MILB ***
Has the potential to be a good short reliever in the future. Not quite good enough stuff to be a closer and might not have enough to be the 8th inning guy. But will be a weapon out of the pen.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
21.Pittsburgh Outlaws - Willis Sosa $2,130,000 MILB ***
Should become a solid bullpen arm in the future. Not great at any one thing but is good or better at many others.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
22.Chicago Chargers - Ted Rigney $2,040,000 MILB ***
A tall and lanky LHP with good potential to improve. Could be a very good #2 or better if he can overcome his weaknesses against right handed hitters.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 3.0
23.Santa Cruz Banana Slugs - Esteban Rodriguez $1,940,000 MILB ***
Should be a good LR in the future. Good control with a solid array of pitches. Not a huge amount of upside but enough to be a ML pitcher.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
24.St. Louis Spirits - Miller Simpson $1,850,000 MILB ***
Shows a bright future as a 8th inning setup man. Has good command and possesses two plus pitches. Should be able to get the job done very efficiently.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 13
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
25.Burlington Coat Factory - Donaldo Bonilla $1,750,000 MILB ***
Will be a good defensive 2B with a solid bat. Will never wow you as a hitter but could develop into a above average addition to the lineup.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14-15
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
26.Cincinnati Marauders - Tito Downs $1,660,000 MILB ***
A very good hitter who flashes near elite power potential. Not a true catcher so his future may lay at DH.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
27.Portland Rainmakers - Brett Lukasiewicz Not Signed *
Major League Debut ETA: N/A
Injury Concern Level: N/A
28.Rochester MCA - Tim Smoltz $1,470,000 MILB ***
Has all the tools to become a star catcher except a glaring hole in durability. When he's on he'll be a dynamic hitter. But the lack of durability will cause him to be nothing more than a pinch hitter.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 13
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
29.Rochester MCA - Bart Lawrence $1,580,000 MILB ***
Has very good potential to be a leadoff hitter. Great contact hitter who can bunt and steal. Should be a pretty good defensive CF as well.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 15
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
30.San Diego Padres - Benjamin Cole $2,141,500 MILB ***
A groudball inducing arm with very good control. Doesn't possess the stuff to be a consistent starter but could do well in the mop up role.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 13
Injury Concern Level: 2.0
31.Florida Villians - Glenn Hoffman $1,821,000 MILB ***
A very adept fielding SS who flashes good power potential. Not close to being a complete hitter but the power can get him by.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14-15
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
32.Salem Blue Jays - Rob Sears $1,100,000 MILB ***
Classic leadoff type player here. Not going to hit for much power. Can bunt, steal, play defense and draw walks. Terror on the bases who could develop into a 50-60 SB threat.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 1.0

Supplemental Round
33.Charlotte Bobcats - Gene Thompson $1,000,000 MILB ***
Will never be a great player but has a shot at becoming a contributor at the ML level. Has control and a plus 4 seam FB on his side. Will have to overcome other flaws to suceed though.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14-15
Injury Concern Level: 3.0
34.Texas Rangers - Wily Mo Barker $960,000 MILB ***
Quite possibly the best defensive shortstop in this draft class. Flashes power potential but lacks overall offensive polish. Has a chance to be a everyday ML SS but could end up as a utility.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14-15
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
35.Toronto Trail of Tears - Earl McPherson $920,000 MILB ***
A good value pickup this late. Should be a ok or better long relief pitcher. Possesses good control and is effective enough to get outs.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 3.0
36.Charlotte Bobcats - Yoo-Nah Shinjo $880,000 MILB ****
A poised college closer with all-star potential. Everything you want in a closer or setup man, The only issue could come in with his hair trigger temper. Sometimes loses control, but when he's calm he's lethal.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 13-14
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
37.Montreal Moose - Sammy Perez $840,000 MILB ****
This could possibly be the steal of the draft. If he can reach his potential he could become a lethal threat either as a SP or a elite bullpen arm. If he can harness his control to limit his wildness then you are looking at a dynamic player.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 2.0
38.Burlington Coat Factory - Rafael Arias $800,000 MILB ***
This pick continues a trend of franchises drafting players with great defensive potential but low bat capabilities. Gold glove potential with defense and can get around the base paths. A somewhat liability on offense but should find a niche at the ML level.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 2.0
39.Rochester MCA - Willie Knight $760,000 MILB ***
Defensive stalwart who can man any position except catcher on the field. A poor hitter to say the least but his glove should land him a spot on the ML roster once he fills out.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 15
Injury Concern Level: 3.0
40.Toronto Trail of Tears - Clarence Dorsey $720,000 MILB *
More than a puzzling pick here. Not good at control, no plus pitches to speak of. Throws very hard but is just that. A thrower and not a pitcher. Wasted of a pick.
Major League Debut ETA: Never
Injury Concern Level: 2.0
41.Cleveland Blazers - Geronimo Rivera $680,000 MILB **
A lanky control artist with low velocity and will induce a lot of ground balls. The issue however is that he will not throw hard enough to beat advanced bats. So when he makes a mistake it will be a big one.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14-15(possibly)
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
42.Helena Triple H's - Michael Chang $640,000 MILB ***
A solid college arm who has slight control issues. Very good potential as a LR but could fill in the rotation as a #3-5 in a ok staff.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 13-14
Injury Concern Level: 2.0
43.Richmond Sons of Virginia - Roy Green $600,000 MILB ***
A future ML utility man type. Drafted as a SS but doesn't possess the range needed for the position. Likely to be able to field every position sans SS,CF and 2B.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
44.San Antonio Sandbaggers - Tony Lopez $600,000 MILB ****
Getting the young C with pop this late is a absolute steal. Will have to be moved to DH as he is a horrible defensive liability at catcher. But the bat should make him a future allstar quality hitter.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14
Injury Concern Level: 3.0
45.Durham Wolverines - Vern Norton $1,280,000 MILB **
A ok college arm. Will likely be a AAAA type unless he is a diamond in the rough down the line.
Major League Debut ETA: Never
Injury Concern Level: 1.0
46.Florida Villains - James Saitou Not Signed*
Major League Debut ETA: N/A
Injury Concern Level: N/A
47.Charlotte Bobcats - Cam Ellis $600,000 MILB *
A terrible pick this high. More of a slot guy for round 20-25.
Major League Debut ETA: Never
Injury Concern Level: 2.0
48.Charlotte Bobcats - Russ Moore $900,000 MILB ***
A slick fielding 2B with a decent bat. Has high defensive potential at CF as well. Should be a multi season utility guy in the majors. If not more.
Major League Debut ETA: Season 14-15
Injury Concern Level: 3.0

Star Ranking System & potential
***** - Hall Of Famer
**** - Perennial All Star
*** - Solid Major League Contributor
** - AAAA Type
* - Minor League Roster Fodder

Health Concern
5.0 - 0-44 Severe health issues. Potentially projection affecting.
4.0 - 45-59 Very serious health concerns with DL trips likely mutiple times during a season.
3.0 - 60-74 Average health but nothing that should be woefully alarming.
2.0 - 75-89 Solid health and shouldn't make many trips to the DL
1.0 - 90-100 Oustanding health with injuries few and far between. Not likely to be severely injured.


Monday, May 25, 2009

All Star Weekend Event Results

. Monday, May 25, 2009

The annual Wright world All-Star game weekend has come and gone. Exciting times for fans of the game to enjoy the festivities. The Home Run Derby did not disappoint. In a fierce battle San Diego Padres 1B Mo Coleridge defeated Cincinnati Marauders 1B Cyrus Jefferies 7-5 in the final round. He crushed 33 dingers overall in what may have been a preview of the NL MVP race.

The Future's game was less than a stellar showing of talent for the world team. The US team dominated from the get go. The offense led by the Yankees star prospect SS Chris Lloyd. He would however be outshined by US teammate Juan Sardinha who won game MVP honors in the 8-0 US rout.

This year's all-star affair was the highlight of the weekend. In a fantastic display of star power the two leagues fought to the wire for the victory. The AL would get the early advantage via a RBI groundout from Louie Park to gain the 1-0 lead in the 2nd. The AL would tack on another run in the 4th when Hipolito Barrios walked George Howard with the bases loaded.
The NL would begin their comeback after Tony Neruda drove in teammate Cyrus Jefferies in the 6th. That would be followed by a leadoff solo HR by John Jones in the 8th.
But the game would be decided later that innging in the bottom half. As Louie Park would strike once again and single home Tim Greer to score the go ahead run. The AL would hold on for a 3-2 win as Bill Duran would pick up the victory and Boise Land Sharks rookie LF Louie Park took home game MVP honors.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Larson Goes #1 Overall

. Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Indianapolis Colt 45's have tabbed Bernie Larson as the #1 overall selection in the season 11 Wright world draft.
The 19 year old from
Rockford, OH entered the draft as a draft eligible sophmore.
The consensus #1 prospect in this years draft was rumored to have had a deal in place weeks before the official selection.
The selection marks the very first under new owner


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just Thinking Out Loud

. Thursday, May 7, 2009

I was recently involved in a discussion with another owner about a trade.
In this instance there was a back and forth over the value of each player.
I was seeking pitching depth to fill out my rotation. He was seeking to gain a player i had just given up alot of value for(some thought i had overpaid). To me the value of that need position as well as him being an elite player led me to turn the deal down(that and the offer was bad).

After my rejection of the trade and subsequent comments... I was asked as to why. I explained myself and his counter was that "Bottom line - you have to pay for pitching usually." I was particularly amused by this comment, especially considering my history and often times stated philosophy in that world.

My answer to his question or rather challenge is this: My philosophy is you pay for the player, not the position. i don't overpay for pitching just because it is.

Now in reality that philosophy goes against the grain of conventional wisdom. Pitching as well as pitching prospects in baseball much like Goalies in hockey, or even Quarterbacks in football. Their value is placed at a premium price.
The reason being that they are potentially a franchise fortune changing player. There is assuredly no doubt about the importance of pitching in HBD. You will likely do more damage in the playoffs with 2-3 elite pitchers than with 5 average guys. But from my vantage point the key is simply this.
Paying the premium rate of a franchise player for a player who is not on that level simply because he is a pitcher, in fact makes little sense.

Why would you pay the same price for a #2-#3 starter that you would for a elite hitting OF or 1B. Just because it is a need?
Even if you were to fill that need with a lesser player then the only thing you have accomplished is overpaying. You would lose value in this instance.
Personally I am unwilling to pay $5.24 for 93 octane gasoline at Shell if the BP down the street is $1.85. This is why I say. You pay for the player and his abilities. Not for the position he plays, nor for "name". You pay for what the player can do and what he can do for your team.
You pay a price for his "impact" and nothing more. Doing it for any other reason is foolish to say the least.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Artie Cunningham - Your HR King

. Monday, May 4, 2009

Artie Cunningham
Age: 34B/T: S/R
Born: Naples, FL
Position(s): RF/3B/LF
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

Durham Wolverines slugger will always remember April 28th 2009. It was the day he entered himself in Wright world history as the very first(and so far only) member of the 600 homerun club. The 5-8 173 lb buzzcut bomber from Naples, Florida. Over a 11 season career 10 of which with the Toronto Trail of Tears. He has enjoyed a tremendous career that will hold him as the first member of the 600 homerun and 1,600 RBI club.
With plenty of time left in his playing career the 34 year looks foward to setting the benchmark at atleast 750.