Thursday, November 6, 2008

I now know why

. Thursday, November 6, 2008

You know one of the things that peeved me the most when i first started playing HBD. It was when a GM said "i refuse to trade with..."

I'm not really sure why it always bugged me to here another GM say that, maybe it was my thinking that you should never close off trading with someone cause out of 31 other teams in the league your gonna have to make a trade with just about all of them eventually.

I would always say to myself "that is so dumb." But now i've found myself having those same sorts of thoughts.

In fact in another league i'm in I actually have a mental note of 5-6 GM's who i will flat out not trade with. Regardless of the player involved i always either tell them no thanks or drag out talks til they find another team to deal with.

Why you ask? Because i've come to realize that there are several things that will cause me to think this way.

1.Ridiculous demands or Putting down of other players
Constantly demanding a fortune for you players but refusing to deal players of value for other franchises players of the same or better level. I especially can't stand it if a GM says "well he's 30 so i'm not gonna trade this prospect/player for him"
2.Dragging out a decision on an offer.
I cannot stand making an offer to a team and then having them say they are thinking about it, will get back to you or "weighing multiple offers" then it takes them 2-3 days to get back to you.
It grates my nerves and quite frankly it doesn't take more than a few hours to determine what you want for a player.
3.Inter-divisional Rival
I have only recently given into this train of thought but it makes good sense. Why deal with a team in your division that even though it might help you now could come back to haunt you in a season or 2.
4.Owner i cannot stand
No reason to even explain this one.

Now i'm not at all saying that the thought process is not inherently flawed but i do now understand why it is said so frequently in the HBD realm.