Monday, May 4, 2009

Tied in The Tree of Woe

. Monday, May 4, 2009

The Salt Lake City Jazz have to this point been Wright's most perplexing franchise.
The preseason pundits had lauded the club as a potential 3 peat division champion. Now early season the team has developed traits akin to one of the greatest literary works in history.

Dr. Jekyll - The Good
The offense is at times unstoppable. They are the number one home hitting club with 89 round trippers. The Jazz also rank first in runs scored and bat .303 as a team.
The club is ranked as tied for 6th in fielding %, Have committed the 6th lowest number of errors & They are 5th in turning double plays.

Mr. Hyde - The Bad
However on the downside the team is last in team ERA at 11.56. To further the despair the team also holds the distinction of being the lone team without a save. And even worse is that through 36 games they have surrendered 426 runs. Which would put them on pace to give up atleast 1,000 runs this season.

The good news for the future of the team is that despite the horrendous start to the season. The Jazz stand just 10 games back in their division. With a definite chance to make a run towards redemption. As it stands the team is looking at claiming the #1 overall selection. Which could undoubtedly earn them a premier pitching prospect. But will a very prideful organization allow itself to bear the burden of going from first class in the division, to sewer dweller?
Only time and the season will tell.