Friday, May 21, 2010

Wright World Annual Ownership Opportunities - Season 15

. Friday, May 21, 2010

American League
Salt Lake City Jazz
Last Season:90-72 1st Place
Major League Overview: Contender
The Jazz have a solid offensive core to compete & likely win the division.
Their issue(which has been for seasons now) is the lack of pitching depth.
Before they can compete for a championship they will have to beef up the rotation & pen.
Minor League Overview: Woeful
Clint Blanks(76/89),Ellis Drew(59/77),
Outlook: Division Winner

Toronto Toilet Bowls
Last Season: 73-89 2nd
Major League Overview: In Flux
The team is right now stuck between two places.
A potential contender for the division.
A potential rebuild, if that path is chosen.
Pitching is a concern, however the team has some depth there.
The offense really needs a few upgrades to get going.
Minor League Overview: Poor
Bud Broome(54/81),Josias James(63/76),Julio Park(47/73)
Outlook: Middle of the pack.

Chicago Heatseekers
Last Season:63-99 3rd
Major League Overview: Tepid
The main issue with this squad is that they don't have enough pieces.
They don't have enough offensive talent to make up for the lack of pitching.
It will take a owner with patience to set this club on the right path.
Minor League Overview: Solid
Burt Cloud(63/86),Napoleon Rogers(70/79),John Mathis(57/77),Dion Weatherford(54/79),
Outlook: Slight Rebuild

Minnesota McGees
Last Season:59-103 4th
Major League Overview: Tepid
Yet another team without enough good to outweigh the poor in other areas.
You will have a future star in 23 y/o Delina Mendoza, but little else.
More than likely this will be a rough patch team for 2-3 seasons.
Minor League Overview: Solid
Vasco Borbon(68/80),Tony Perez(54/76),Dale Witt(73/84),Brett Collins(63/80)
Outlook: Complete Rebuild

Oklahoma City Truck Bomb Massacres
Last Season: 56-106 4th
Major League Overview: On Life Support
This club will need a complete turnaround before it gets better.
There is ok talent is spots but minimal at best.
Holding the #2 overall draft choice is crucial to the future of this franchise.
Minor League Overview: Barely Ok
Tomas Velez(52/77),Joe Marshall(67/75),
Outlook: Complete Rebuild

Las Vegas Immortals
Last Season:96-66 3rd
Major League Overview: On the cusp
This is a good team that is stuck in the toughest division in Wright.
96 wins was only good enough for 3rd place. But when the teams in front of you win 122 and 100 respectively, you might be able to not hang your head.
There will need to be a few moves made here and there however.
Minor League Overview: Ok
Sergio Hennessey(78/87),Tony Villarreal(70/76),Julio Ortiz(53/76)
Outlook: Contender

National League
Chicago Chargers
Last Season: 86-76 2nd
Major League Overview: Solid
The good news is that you'll have the best pitcher in the world.
But the bad news is that you'll have to beat Burlington for the division.
A definite playoff contender for sure.
But to solidify a berth a few additions need to be made.
Minor League Overview: Poor
Ted Rigney(66/72),Randy Schmidt(67/82),
Outlook: Contender

Syracuse Trail of Tears
Last Season: 60-102 4th
Major League Overview: On Life Support
Years of free spending for the sake of titles caught up to this club.
It is now in the place of most dynasties after the first run ends.
There will need to be a major overhaul of the franchise.
Minor League Overview: Very Good
Donne Goodwin(56/83),Eric McFeely(67/88),Wiki Padilla(67/76),Amos Kennedy(61/74),Brian Jordan(40/69),Max Nunez(45/68)
Outlook: Complete Rebuild

Jackson Mets
Last Season: 83-79 3rd
Major League Overview: In Flux
A very very aging team at present.
You can win with this team and compete for the playoffs.
It will mostly depend upon the new owner's viewpoint as to how this team goes.
Minor League Overview: Poor
Paul Blank(47/79)
Outlook: Potential Contender

Houston Councils for Foreign Relation
Last Season: 83-79 4th
Major League Overview: Solid
They certainly have the offense to put up some numbers.
Anytime you have a superstar like John Jones, you will put up good offensive numbers.
The pitching staff however needs work for sure.
Minor League Overview: Slightly Ok
Tony Miranda(74/80),Ken James(61/74)Tomas Sojo(66/77),Luis Guapo(66/72),Jerry Sutton(61/82)
Outlook: Contender