Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Great Debate

. Saturday, June 19, 2010

If you had to choose one. If you had to give the ball to just one.
If it was game 7, world series title on the line, career in jeopardy...
Who do you pick to toss those all important innings?
Simply put, the question is - who is the best pitcher in Wright?
To say that this question has caused some uproar in the past few seasons would be a severe understatement.

The ace of the Banana Slugs staff. Just 24 years old & will be embarking on his second season in the majors. Coming off of ROY & ASG honors.
Career Numbers:
35 GS, 25-5, 230.2 IP, .231 OAV, 174 K's & a 2.93 ERA

The Chicago Chargers ace is coming off his best season as a pro and the vet isn't looking to slow down. A dominant innings eater who has never failed to reach 272 IP in a full injury free season.
Career Numbers:
335 GS, 77 CG, 167-93, 2,494.2 IP, 2,278 K's, .230 OAV & a 3.05 ERA

The apple of Burlington fans eye. The 27 year old ace is entering the prime of his career and sure to get better. He has posted a winning record & sub 3 era every season after his rookie year. he has had many accomplishments even though he is still young. 4 Cy Young Awards, 4 ASG & 1 GG.
Career Numbers:
205 GS, 13 CG, 105-47, 1,418.1 IP, 1,450 K's & a 2.23 ERA.

Ozuna is a player who just keeps surprising you. He was not as heralded as teammate Jocko McDill(who you will see later on in this column). But he just goes out and gets it done.
He is poised for a enormous break out season this go-around.
Career Numbers:
117 GS, 11 CG, 55-30, 827.2 IP, 576 K's, .221 OAV & a 2.61 ERA.

This is a guy who went from "16 million a season for Kiki Astacio? Are you serious, that's insane."
To immediate impact for Cincy last season. He tore through the NL & was on pace for a 25-2 record with a sub 2 ERA before faltering late.
He like most of the pitchers listed is poised for a big year.
A 4 time AS & 1 time Cy Young winner.
Career Numbers:
343 GS, 13 CG, 158-99, 2,245 IP, .257 OAV, 1,637 K's & a 3.86 ERA.

He was at one time tabbed as the best pitcher in world history. Even before he pitched a inning of his career.
His career has finally started to come around after faltering early on.
He notched his first 20 win season & 2nd all star selection last year. Should get better as he is only 26.
Career Numbers:
132 GS, 23 CG, 63-43, 992.1 IP, 853 K's, .240 OAV & a 3.42 ERA.

Not a name you would expect to be on this list. But Moreno has the talent to be among the league's best SP.
He had a rough year last season but should bounce back this year.
Career Numbers:
131 GS, 2 CG, 50-42, 803.1 IP, 669 K's, .249 OAV & a 4.18 ERA.

Considered but did not make cut:
Darrell McIntyre,Ariel Carrasco,Albert Ordaz,Kevin Wayne,Jesus Leon,Trey Broome,Kennie Sewell,Julian Mercado & Junior Tavarez