Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wright World Press Power Rankings

. Thursday, April 21, 2011

As we conclude game #54 on most teams schedule this season.
We are proud to present to you the official Wright World Press power rankings.
There are the first of season 18. These rankings are posted much later than normal due to a variety of issues at the paper.
But nonetheless, here they are.

1.Santa Cruz Banana Slugs
2.Wichita Wind Sizzlers
3.San Francisco Expos
4.Scranton Blues
5.Washington DC West Wingers
6.Monterrey Pit Vipers
7.Burlington Coat Factory
8.Sacramento Hornets
9.San Antonio Sandbaggers
10.Detroit Tigers
11.New York New York
12.New Orleans Perpetual Hangovers
13.Huntington Gamblers
14.Salem Blue Jays
15.Oakland Invaders
16.Tacoma Thunder
17.Charleston Confederates
18.Cleveland Burning Rivers
19.Boston Bravers
20.Seattle Chargers
21.Cincinnati Marauders
22.Atlanta Fairfax
23.New York The Giant Killers
24.Tampa Bay Tic-Tacs
25.Texas El Chupacabras
26.Chicago Bleacher Bums
27.Durham Diesel
28.Jackson Brownes
29.Columbus 92ers
30.Augusta Masters
31.Omaha Storm Chasers
32.San Diego Padres