Monday, September 26, 2011

Santa Cruz Reigns Supreme

. Monday, September 26, 2011

Finally! Finally! Finally the championship has come... to Santa Cruz.

The third time proved to be a charm for Kjmuli and the Santa Cruz Banana Slugs.
Appearing in their third world series of Kj's reign at the helm the team was finally able to break through with a world championship.
Downing the Sacramento Hornets in 5 games to claim their first championship in franchise history.

Before the win the team had been known as "Choke Artists" by many fans due to their reaching the WS on three previous occasions and falling to what most felt were inferior teams to their talent level.

The win now erases the demons of seasons past and makes the team 1-3 all-time in the world series(1-2 under current owner kjmuli).
Now the pressure to repeat will be palpable as the expectations of the fans will certain increase as the "dream team" in Santa Cruz on paper could be the strongest team in Wright once again this season.