Friday, December 26, 2008

Examining Free Agency

. Friday, December 26, 2008

The Wright world free agency period has come and gone. We the current economic misfortunes play a part in the cash flow of some teams. We saw just 2 contracts of 30 million or more.
The per year average and bonuses on contracts also plummeted. The highest Bonus given was just 3 million while the highest per year average was 10.3 million. The long term contracts that free agents expected did not come either. There was just 1 contract of 5 years given out. It appears that the market beared out lower salaries and 2-3 contracts this season to give the economy to recover.
Only time will tell if the free angency splurge will return to Wright or if this is the start of a less crazied free agency period and less money for the players and their agents.

There were still very good players out there and they will make impacts on their new teams. But the pressure of fiscal responsiblity and rumored pressure from Wright world officials seems to have halted the expenditures of many.

Compensation Pick Signings
Stephen Singleton
Signed with Portland 3 years and 25 million.
Surprisingly exits Pawtucket to join a very good Portland franchise. The top offensive player available via free agency & a key signing for the Rainmakers.

Kevin Lennon
Signed with Tampa Bay 3 years and 23 million.
Quite possibly the best free agent pitcher on the market makes Tampa Bay his new home this season.

Marcus Williams
Signed with Toronto 4 years and 41.2 million.
He wasn't the best player available but he might have the biggest impact as he adds to a already deep Toronto rotation.

Max Mayne
Signed with Boise 3 years 15.9 million.
Just a monster masher who can put points on the board. Has had only 1 season under 20 homeruns and 75 RBI. Very productive hitter.

Keith Adams
Signed with Richmond 4 years 31.2 million.
A solid and durable starter. Very reliable meat and potatoes type that gets it done.

Bubbles Powell
Signed with San Antonio 1 year 3.8 million.
One of the best relievers available on the market and a bargain for San Antonio.

Bob Roberts
Signed with Richmond 3 years 15 million.
A true gamer type pitcher. He does what is needed to keep you in the game. Whether he is starting or coming out of the pen.

Winston Greene
Signed with Florida 3 years 15.6 million.
The long time Cincinnati Marauder leaves for Florida. One of the best defensive 2B in the game.
Solid addition for the Villans.

Patrick Buchanan
Signed with Durham 3 years 19 million.
Doesn't have the greatest stuff in the world but you put the ball in his hand and he can get you some W's. Atlanta will miss him this season.

Jed Hart
Signed with Jacksonville 1 year $2,775,000
Hart leaves Durham for Jacksonville. The swingman can eat alot of innings and do enough to keep you in a game.

Impact Signings W/o Compensation.
Don Fujiwara 2 years 12 million
Ray Hairston 2 years 6.2 million
Darrell Long 3 years 17.8 million
Greg Hill 2 years 8.8 million
Paul Walter 2 years 3 million
Bill Barry 2 years 15.2 million
Richard Sierra 3 years 13.8 million
Del Matos 2 years 5 million
Pascual Guerrero 3 year 18.6 million
Sammy Olmeda 2 years 5.2 million
Andy Barker 2 years 3.8 million
Dante Cheng 2 years 4.2 million
Norm Curtis 5 years 26 million
Walter House 2 years 4.5 million