Monday, December 1, 2008

The Final 4

. Monday, December 1, 2008

32 teams began this journey. A journey of hope, one of discovery and one of desire.
The hope that one could rise above the rest to become something more. To discover the will to make all the right moves. The desire to prove one's self as the best.

This is why we play the game, to win. Yes 32 teams began the journey but now only 4 remain.

ALCS - 7 Game Series
#3 Dover Demons v #5 Atlanta Fairfax
The Demons make their first playoff appearance a memorable one. Pulling off a sweep on a very game Vancouver squad and then holding off a prime Texas team with WS hopes.
The season 5 WS champs return to the ALCS for the 2nd straight year. After sweeping Salem and a shocking sweep over Chicago the Fairfax hope they are primed for a 2nd WS title.

NLCS - 7 Games Series
#1 Toronto Trail of Tears v #3 Cincinnati Marauders
Toronto is the epitome of consistency. Making the playoffs 7 out of 9 seasons, making 2 WS trips and being the reigning WS champs. Ace pitcher Cookie Nunez looks to further his revenge on Cincy for letting him walk last season.
Cincinnati is making it's first trip to the playoffs in 3 seasons. Appearing in their very first NLCS this is the farthest this team has ever been. The question now is not only do they have the ability to win vs a game Toronto team but can they win it all if they do?

Questions will be raised, questions will be answered, excuses gone out the window.
It's game time boys and the final 4 are out for blood.