Monday, February 16, 2009

AL Playoff Race

. Monday, February 16, 2009

We've now past the 130 games played point in Wright world. There have been great highs and great lows. Surprises and shockers, but through it all the main goal of every team has been the same. Make the playoffs and with a little luck: win a world series title.

With 32 games remaining for most the playoff picture remains murkier than ever before.
As many as 6 teams in each league can have a chance with the right streak for them or the wrong one for a competitor.

American League
Dover all but has the division crown sewn up with a 70-59 record and a 12 game lead over a hard luck Pawtucket team.

It's a pure dogfight between 3 teams, all of which could conceivably reach the post season.
The defending division champ Chicago Crankers have owned the crown for the past 5 seasons. But Buffalo and Durham are oh so close to knocking the king from his thrown. Just 3 games separate the 3 and it's likely to come down to the last 10-15 games for a winner to be decided.

They say Texas is king of the south. Apparently the Rangers feel the same way as they have been on a mission all season long. They've run into a bit of a rut at the moment. Falling from clear cut #1 AL seed to tied with a surging Chicago Crankers team and challenged from the backside by Salem. They own a 8 game lead over Richmond and a 9 game advantage over defending WS champs Atlanta. If Texas gets back on it's A game this will get ugly in a hurry.

A tighter race than the North for sure but a very good Salem team has finally awoken from the early season struggles to pass a very game Santa Cruz team. They're 7 up on SC with 32 left, a run by Santa Cruz is possible but do they have the means to mount one?

Wild Card
Five teams of the six that are qualified in the race have a legit shot to win one of the two spots.
Buffalo owns the #1 WC spot at 74-55 and are fighting for their division crown as well.
Durham owns the #2 WC spot at 73-56 they are also in a dogfight for the same crown.
Santa Cruz and Richmond sit tied for #3 at 69-60 apiece
Atlanta is a game behind both at 68-61
Las Vegas stands on the outside looking in with a 63-66 record

1.Texas Rangers
2.Salem Blue Jays
3.Chicago Crankers
4.Dover Demons
5.Durham Wolverines
6.Santa Cruz Banana Slugz