Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh My What A Time To Be A Baseball Fan

. Thursday, February 26, 2009

A season on the brink for most teams as it stands right now. It's everything or nothing for some. A brutal race where anything goes, nothing is of questionable fairness and it all comes down to who wants it more.

Wild Card
Key Upcoming Series
American League
Durham Wolverines(90-68) vs Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo(89-69)
A dangerous series for both clubs. Both currently hold the top 2 WC spots and are within a game of the other. Should one team dominate the other it could open the door for Santa Cruz to sneak in. Durham leads the season series 5-2.

Santa Cruz Banana Slugz(87-71) vs Salem Blue Jays(94-64)
Potentially the most important series in the AL. if the Slugz win and have a little luck fall their way we could see them clinch a playoff berth. If Salem wins and have a little luck fall their way then they might claim the #1 overall AL seed. Salem leads the season series 6-1.

National League
Burlington Coat Factory(88-70) vs Pittsburgh Outlaws(86-72)
The coats currently hold the #1 WC spot. However Pittsburgh currently sits 2 games behind them. This looks to be a tough series for both teams with the loser potentially on the outside looking in. Pitt could be prime for a beatdown with Burlington being 43-35 on the road and Pitt being 39-39 at home. Pittsburgh leads the season series 4-3.

Chicago Chargers(87-71) vs Toronto Trail of Tears(97-61)
This will be a battle of will power as the Chargers will have to overcome a 37-40 record on the road to be a Toronto team that is 50-31 at home. Toronto has clinched the #1 overall NL seed so they have nothing to play for. Will they rest their guys? Toronto leads the season series 5-2.

Portland Rainmakers(87-71) vs St. Louis Spirits(87-71)
Everything is on the line in this series. 3 teams are tied for the last WC spot and town of them are going 12 rounds in this series. Whoever should win this series could either make the playoffs and feast or perish in a famine of futility. St. Louis leads the season series 4-3.

The only race for playoff seeding in the AL is for the #1-3 seeds. It will be decided this weekend with all the teams within 2 games of each other Texas(96-62),Chicago(96-62) and Salem(94-64).

In the NL the race for the #2 seed is on. Florida(92-66) currently holds a two game lead over San Diego(90-68)

American League Scenario

1.Texas Rangers(p)
2.Chicago Crankers(p)
3.Salem Blue Jays(p)
4.Dover Demons*
5.Durham Wolverines
6.Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

Tie Breakers
#1 Seed - Should Texas and Chicago tie then Texas would claim the #1 via a 17-9 division record compared to a 14-12 record for Chicago. The season series was tied 5-5. Should Texas and Salem tie then Salem would claim #1 due to a 6-4 h2h record.
Should Chicago and Salem tie then Chicago would claim the #1 due to a 6-4 h2h record.
Should all 3 tie for #1 then Texas would win due to run differential.

National League Scenario

1.Toronto Trail of Tears*
2.Florida Villians(p)
3.San Diego Padres(p)
4.Cincinnati Marauders*
5.Burlington Coat Factory
6.Chicago Chargers

Tie Breakers
#2 Seed - Should Florida and San Diego tie then Florida would win vs a 17-9 division record to SD's 14-12(the season series was tied 5-5)

(p) - In playoffs but seed as yet to be determined.
* - Locked into playoff seed.
Italic - Currently in the playoffs but could be knocked out.