Sunday, July 5, 2009

Annual Ownership Opportunites Review

. Sunday, July 5, 2009

Taking a look at the available teams for season 12. Includes a review of the minor league system as well as a idea of what to expect.

American League
Former Montreal Moose
Record: 65-97
Division Standing: 4th
Major League Foundation: Questionable
Alex Renteria is the franchise player. Followed by Don Fujiwara
Vinny Stevenson(68/74),Ahmad Bailey(71/75),Luis Pena(69/73),
Minor League Building Block: Solid
Omar Prieto(79/83),Tony Hall(51/71),Sammy Perez(57/73),Felipe Lind(51/65),Cody Baines(56/70),Roland Brewer(51/69),Marc Stokes(57/70),Marvin Cooney(69/73),Sammy Blasco(53/70),Marc Risley(65/71)
Outlook: Rebuild
The team is lacking in star quality overall. You have a few pieces on the ML side but they're getting up there in age.
The minors have a huge quantity of prospects. The issue however is that the quality of them is in question. You have potentially 1 with superstar potential and after that everyone else is ok.
This team will probably go through a rough patch for a few more seasons before it turns around.
Perfect rebuilding candidate for those seeking the challenge.

Former Charlotte Bobcats
Record: 70-92
Division Standing: 3rd
Major League Foundation: Solid
The major league team has a pretty solid core group of players.
Geraldo Flores(70/73), Lonnie Sewell, Nash Lamb,Victor Gomez,Bubba Nathan,Valerio Reyes,Harvey Diaz,David Cabeza,
Minor League Building Block: Solid
Potential MVP hitter Domingo Mercedes(67/73) leads the prospect pack. Yoo-Nah Shinjo(54/71),Bernie Miller(63/70),Dick Jacobs(67/78),Russ Moore(42/70),Leo Wise(65/75),
Rex Barker(58/69),
Outlook: Potential Rebuild/Contender
This is a team in flux. Part contender and part rebuilding. The team is aging and it's window to compete is closing. The issue however is that the entire franchise has the same problem at all levels. You have a few nice players here and there but no flat out superstar stud.

Former Texas Rangers
Record: 92-70
Division Standing: 2nd
Major League Foundation: Very Good
Kelly Flanagan(85/91),Kiki Astacio,Wiki Vega(72/76),Felipe Rios(78/82),Trey Broome(75/81),Dave Tucker,Joshua Hines,Gregory Goldberg,J.T. Kelly,Flip Jones(73/77),Ben Siddall,Luis Alfonzo,Al Espinoza(78/81),
Minor League Building Block: Very Poor
David Durazo(76/81),Douglas Morel(61/67),Miller James(57/66),John Parkers(54/63),Carlos Jacquez(65/71),Wily Mo Barker(44/74),
Outlook: WS Contender
A stacked team on the ML side. A good mixture of veteran presence and youthful talent.
The minors are barren at the moment due to most of the talent being promoted. Is definitely a team that can contend for the WS title now and for future seasons to come.

Former Memphis Chickasaws
Record: 61-101
Division Standing: 4th
Major League Foundation: Solid
Brian Ransom(85/92),Ariel Carrasco(76/82),Vicente Ramirez(78/80),Eduardo Jacquez(75/83),Esteban Elcano,Luis De La Vega(70/78),Sarma Roberts(69/76),Brandon Leach,
Minor League Building Block: Very Good
Theodore Wilson(82/88),Dorian Johnstone,Robert Isringhausen(74/75),Jackson Stoops(70/81),Quinn Jenner(57/71),Ed McDowell(58/72),
Outlook: Young Potential Contender
This is a very young team is all facets of the game. The ML side has some very nice and usable pieces. The minors are stacked even with a ton of players being brought up over the past few seasons. This team could easily contend for the playoffs with the right moves and a dedicated owner.

National League
Former Indianapolis Colt 45's
Record: 62-100
Division Standing: 3rd
Major League Foundation: Questionable
Buzz Scott(72/77),Patrick Brown,Leon Riley(66/73)
Minor League Building Block: OK
Bernie Larson(60/82),Nick Austin(68/80), Gregory Matheny(66/81),Julio Pimentel(51/69)
Outlook: Severe Rebuild
This franchise is in need of a steady and dedicated owner. Once one of the best franchises in the world. It has fallen upon hard times. There are some pieces in the minors but much like with the ML club it's sparse and needs to be built up.

Former Florida Villians
Record: 75-87
Division Standing: 3rd
Major League Foundation: Good
Damian Yamamoto,Hipolito Barrios,Esteban Alvarez(83/87),Ivan Pizzaro,Mac Stern,Ryan Webb,Alex Arroyo(68/71),Carlos Velazquez,Glenn Adkinson(76/81)
Minor League Building Block: Poor
Chief Giavotella(67/80),Glenn Hoffman(46/76),Pedro Rodriguez(66/77),Henry Grace(64/79),Tim Warden(63/76),Luis Crespo(67/71),Juan Sardinha(70/74),
Outlook: Contender
A cluster of vets on the ML side leaves this team in good shape to contend. The one thing this franchise has above most is that pitching is a strength for them. The main issue will be to get the bats needed for the lineup to compliment the pitching.
The minors have alot of players but most are future role players or defensive experts. You have 1 maybe 2 prospects with legit star potential. The numbers look good on the outside but after you dig deep you can see that the minors will never a overhaul.