Friday, July 31, 2009

ML NL South Division Preview

. Friday, July 31, 2009

The continuing series of division by division previews continues with the NL South:

1 - San Antonio Sandbaggers
This defending division winner with 103 regular season wins has a solid mix of veterans and youth as they have won the last 3 of the last 4 division titles. They were never challenged last season as they ran away from the pack early and won the division by 19 games. No team in this division made the necessary changes this offseason to overtake the Sandbaggers. Therefore, a 5th franchise division title looks solid. They will compete for home field advantage in the NL and look for better playoff results.

2 - Wichita Rabid Wombats
This team was one of the more active teams during the offseason with 11 free agents signed. They have a salary exceeding 100 million and have 15 players over 30. If there is a team that is setup to win now this is it. It will be a close fight with Houston for the 2nd position and their experience may provide the edge. This team has no one outstanding player but has several solid players that will contribute to a winning season and in consideration for a wild card spot. They may not have enough to win this division, but this team looks to regain the glory days of seasons past when they won 4 consecutive division titles. This team will be trouble for the rest of the league.

3- Houston Councils For Foreign Relation
This up and coming team is very young and looks to improve on their 84 win season and compete for the division title. It might be a season or 2 too early for that, but this team will continue to provide headaches for the rest of the division and NL. With only 1 offseason move to resign a veteran pitcher this team is supported by the superstar center fielder and NL MVP John Jones. The hitters are young and will carry the team in most games, but solid pitching will be the challenge for this team this season. They will be in the Wild Card hunt but may fall short because of their pitching.

4 - Tampa Bay Tic-Tacs
This team has struggled for the past 4 seasons with a high of 66 wins. They are looking to rebound with 5 Free Agent signings and youth as there are only 2 players over the age of 30 on the roster. They have solid and young hitters who will only get better. Pitching is up and coming with youth. This team will not climb out of the basement this season, but could see up to 70 wins at least. In a few seasons they look to contend for the division title, patience will be of the essence.