Sunday, August 2, 2009

ML AL East Division Preview

. Sunday, August 2, 2009

Durham Wolverines
Well the good news for the East is that not much has changed for Durham.
The bad news however is that, not much had changed for the Wolverines.
They are still armed with a lethal offense and good pitching to boot.
This season could turn into a "cruise control" finish and another division title.
Key Arrivals: Turk Vaughn
Key Departures: Bill Barry & Patrick Buchanan
Prediction: 1st Place - 98-64

Rochester MCA
The non Y MCA'ers are heading into the season with a big chip on their shoulders.
They feel that last season was their year to win the division, only to falter in the end.
But you can ask the Mets, that and $1.50 will get you a coffee but not much else.
Key Arrivals: None
Key Departures: Howie Langerhans,Joe Murphy,Wayne Robinson
Prediction: 2nd - 89-77

New Britain Blackbirds
The blackbirds are gearing up to make a splash this season. The offense is above average.
They have upgraded the rotation with the prize of the free agency class.
New Britain definitely has enough to make a run this season. Though the question is will it hold together?
Key Arrivals: Albert Ordaz,Jack York,Quilvio Vazquez
Key Departures: Francisco Tejada
Prediction: 3rd Place - 82-80

New York New York
This is a very very young team with alot of potential. Sadly that potential is 2-3 years from making a huge impact.
This team while having a nice array of pitching, is going to have a lot of growing pains.
It will be a up and down season but they should easily finish with their best record since season 5.
Key Arrivals: None
Key Departures: None
Prediction: 4th Place - 75-87