Sunday, August 16, 2009

ML AL West Division Preview

. Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boise Land Sharks
The team finally started to turn the corner last season.
It ended with a second place finish and the team plans to build upon that this year,
Depth in the rotation is a concern for the team but the offense should be able to carry it for a good portion of the season.
Key Arrivals: None
Key Departures: Andrew Simmons,Harry Diaz
Prediction: 1st Place - 95-67

Las Vegas Immortals
The sin city gamblers are gearing up for another run at the division crown.
While they are very good in certain areas of the game. The team lacks a lot of depth especially in the rotation.
Unless the team can pull in some serious pitching, "runner-up" is in their future.
Key Arrivals: None
Key Departures: None
Prediction: 2nd Place - 90-72

Santa Cruz Banana Slugs
A perplexing team to be sure. One of the few teams in the division with adequate pitching depth.
The offense isn't too bad either. But the stamina amongst their rotation is alarming.
No doubt it's better to get 5-6 quality innings out of a starter than 7-8 poor ones.
However the bullpen is sure to get over taxed early and that could take them out of the race for first place.
Key Arrivals: None
Key Departures: Harold Klassen
Prediction: 3rd Place - 86-76

Salem Blue Jays

Almost no team worked as hard in the off season to make a splash in free agency as the Blue Jays. They brought in some nice pieces but also lost quite a few.
Much like the rest of the division pitching depth will be somewhat of a down fall for this squad.
But this team lacks the offense and balance to seriously contend for the crown this season.
Key Arrivals: J.D. Lloyd & Clarence Brooks
Key Departures: Eugene Gibson,Sean Tanner,Tim Greer,Ken Durham & Posiedon Snopek
Prediction: 4th Place - 82-80