Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trenidad Segui Hits 600th Career HR

. Sunday, September 13, 2009

It was a moment we had all waited for. A moment reached by just two other athletes in wright.
The Home Run is such a majestic feat in baseball lore.
Revered, Desired, Demanded. We view those who hit them as champions, as warriors, as heroes.

Last night in a game against the Wichita Rabid Wombats we saw history.
OF Trenidad Segui hit his 600th HR of his storied career.
Hammering a pitch in the top of the 3rd to left centerfield that barely got out. It marked a monumental achievement for the man who as a kid growing up in Grant Park, IL just wanted to be a baseball star.

To cap it off his team won in a lopsided 10-2 game.
As he rounded the bases with tears in his eyes and a graphic up on the scoreboard.
It was a even greater site to see all of his teammates there to meet him at home plate.
The celebration caused a 33 min delay as he tipped his cap to the fans and tried to hide his tears.
Tears of accomplishment, of vindication and of joy.

Congrats to you Mr. Segui on your feat and many more to come.