Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wright Hot Stove Report

. Tuesday, July 27, 2010

With the trade deadline coming up tomorrow.
Teams are working the phone lines trying to wheel and deal.
some are one piece away from a championship.
others are simply out to get value for their players to build on for years to come.

Atlanta --
The Fairfax are looking to board Larry McCovey on a flight to another city. the 25 y/o 2B is toiling in AAA and wants to make a move to get to the majors.
Burlington --
The Coat Factory is truly the place for more than great coats.
They have let it be known that for the right price they will move any SP on their roster not named Seneca or Pan.
Cincinnati --
The Marauders have a glut of SP they are looking to flesh out.
Nash Cobb & Darrell Long are available. as is lefty reliever Bernie Sierra.
The team is said to be seeking OF,SS,3B & C help back.
Monterrey --
The PV's are looking to deal away Christopher Milner. The assumption is that it is for prospects though the team hasn't come out and said so.
Montreal --
The Moose are currently dangling the biggest prize of the deadline.
They have made former AS & GG Walter Mulder available for the right price.
Toledo --
The Lugg Nutts have put setup man Vladimir Vallarta on the block. It's said they're seeking a prospect or two in return for the right-hander.
Wichita --
The Sizzlers are dangling "former lottery pick." Eric McFeely for a big bat at 3B or a SP.